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It is advised to cover the bank/card fees to ensure that the full 100% of your Zakat is paid. 

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BSB: 062334   Acc#: 11507989

Remember to include your Donor ID as a reference if you are making a payment through internet banking. As a DGR status charity, donations made to Crescent Relief are tax-deductible in Australia. 

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Gaza Ambulance Aid

Widow Housing Project

Palestine Medical Aid

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Health Program

Medical Camp  $700Ambulance  $20,000Free Medicine  $10
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Water Wells

$545 : Thar Desert$7545 Balochistan$2745 : Mountainous Areas
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Feed The Fasting

Eid Gifts 4 Poor Kids

Needy Student Help

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One of the advantages of making donations through Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) is that it can be made on behalf of a deceased Muslim. You can include the name of the deceased when filling out the donation form.

While donation on behalf of parents, It is better to choose Sadaqah e Jariyah programs. For details you can visit this link.

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Islamic Projects

Small Masjid $10,000Islamic Madrasa $15,000Sadaqah e Jariyah
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