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Sadaqah is an Arabic word that means charity or voluntary giving in Islam. It is an act of generosity and kindness towards others, especially those who are in need. The concept of sadaqah is deeply rooted in Islam In Islam, It is considered a form of worship and is seen as a means of purifying one's wealth, earning blessings and forgiveness from Allah, and helping to promote social justice and equality. Muslims are encouraged to give sadaqah regularly, both in small amounts and as a part of their wealth, as a way of showing compassion, gratitude and as a means of seeking Allah's pleasure and reward.

Sadaqah e Jariyah

Sadaqah Jariyah, or ongoing charity, is a type of charity in Islam that continues to bring rewards to the donor after their death. The concept of Sadaqah Jariyah is based on a hadith (narration) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recorded in Sahih Muslim:

"When a man dies, all his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity (sadaqah jariyah), beneficial knowledge, or a righteous son who will pray for him." (Sahih Muslim 1631)

This hadith highlights the importance of choosing acts of charity that will continue to benefit others even after one's death, as the reward for such deeds will continue to accrue to the donor.

Another hadith on the topic of Sadaqah Jariyah is recorded in Sunan Ibn Majah:

"Among the good deeds the reward of which will reach a believer after his death are: knowledge which he learned and then spread; a righteous son whom he leaves behind; a copy of the Quran that he leaves as a legacy; a mosque that he built; a house that he built for wayfarers; a canal that he dug; or charity that he gave during his lifetime when he was in good health. These deeds will reach him after his death." (Sunan Ibn Majah 242)

This hadith highlights various acts of charity that continue to benefit others even after death, and that bring ongoing rewards to the donor. It also underscores the importance of spreading beneficial knowledge and leaving behind a righteous legacy.

In conclusion, Zakat is a crucial act of worship and charity, which must be performed by Muslims who meet the necessary conditions.

Give Sadaqah

Sadaqah e Jariyah for deceased parents

The best sadaqah jariyah for deceased parents can vary based on individual circumstances and preferences, but some common and highly recommended forms of sadaqah jariyah include:

1- Building a mosque or Islamic center
2- Establishing a school or education center
3- Sponsoring a student or sponsoring an orphan
4- Planting trees or providing water wells in areas of need
5- Supporting a sustainable community development project, such as providing livelihoods or supporting health initiatives

It's important to keep in mind that these acts of charity should be done with the intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah and benefiting others, rather than as a means of seeking reward for the deceased. Additionally, it's recommended to seek guidance from Islamic scholars or organizations to ensure that the sadaqah jariyah aligns with Islamic principles and provides the greatest benefit to those in need.

Sadaqah Benefits

Protection from Evil Eye

Evil eye is a negative energy or harm caused by a person's envious gaze. Sadaqah is considered a protective act that can help deflect the effects of the evil eye and keep the donor and their loved ones safe.

Ward off Calamities

Giving Sadaqah is believed to bring blessings and prevent calamities such as natural disasters, diseases, or financial difficulties. It is believed that the act of generosity will bring positive energy and protection from harm.

Increases Barakah (Blessings) in Life

Giving Sadaqah increases blessings and good fortune in one's life.

Entry into Jannah

Sadaqah is a means of attaining Jannah (Heaven) and escaping the fire of Hell.

Addresses Social Issues

Sadaqah can help address various social issues such as poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Whatever your problems are in life, seek Allah's support through Sadaqah!

Why should you consider giving your Sadaqah / Zakat to Crescent Relief?

Sadaqah is best given to orphans and Crescent Relief is proud to run one of the best orphan programs in the world, with a mission to provide necessary support and care to these vulnerable children. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your Zakat funds are used in the most efficient and effective manner possible, making a lasting impact in the lives of orphans.

When you choose to donate your Zakat to Crescent Relief, you can be confident in the transparent and effective use of your funds. Our impactful programs aim to provide long-term solutions to poverty, hunger, and other social issues, and we have a reputation for being a reputable and well-established organization.

At Crescent Relief, we understand the importance of accountability, which is why we have developed an app that provides our donors with progress reports on the sponsored projects and beneficiaries. You can know exactly where your Zakat funds are going and the positive impact it is making in the lives of those in need. Join us in our mission to make a difference in the world, one child at a time.

Your Problems

The common problems and difficulties in modern life of a person include:

1.   Financial struggles and debt

2.   Kid's education, health and Tarbiyyah

3.   Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression

4.   Relationship conflicts and challenges

5.   Physical health problems and illnesses

6.   Lack of time for self-care and hobbies

7.   Housing and living arrangements

8.   Work-life balance and job dissatisfaction

Heavenly Solution

Giving Sadaqah is believed to increase the likelihood of having your prayers, or Dua, answered. This has been experienced by millions everyday..