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This portal is for registered donors and sponsors to contribute and track the progress reports. Anyone can make donation through this portal but to receive receipts for your contributions and keep track of your donation history, please set up an account. As a DGR status charity, donations made to Crescent Relief are tax-deductible in Australia.

Crescent Relief    BSB: 062334   Acc#: 11507989 

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Dollar A Day : Keeps The Doctor and Calamities Away

Orphan Care Program

We are proud to say that we are running one of the best orphan care programs in the world. In this program, Child stays with the mother and we provide them financial support. On average, A widow have 3 chilren registered in our program. This way she receives a sufficient amount every month which helps her to buy groceries, pay bills and send her children to school. Your sponsorship will provide them a bright future. You will receive regular reports about the progress and wellbeing of the orphan.

Ration For Hungry

Most people think that food shortage and malnourished children are only in parts of Africa but the matter of the fact is that there are many families in the developing countries who cannot afford to have a meal even once a day. There are countless families whose only hope are your donations. You can provide much needed groceries to these zakat eligible families on monthly basis. Hundreds of families are on the list waiting for the donors. Help alleviate poverty and make a difference in someone's life today.

If you are donating on behalf of some one else or as Sadaqah e Jariyah for a deceased relative then please mention the name on the second step of donation process.

Water Wells

We have built 100s of water wells and community water hand pumps in all over Pakistan. Our focus areas are  the desert of Thar, Dadu, Chulistan and DG  Khan. The cost of a well can vary depending on the depth of the well and ground (hard or soft). Access to clean water is basic human right but unfortunately some three in ten people around the world lack access to safe and readily available water at home, and almost six in ten to safely managed sanitation.

$545 : Thar Desert$7545 Balochistan$2745 : Mountainous Areas

Health Program

We encourage our donors to help us build small Dispensaries and Clinics in slums where we can provide free health check-ups and medicine. These clinics can be established as Sadaqa Jaria for the deceased relatives. Hundreds of poor people are served on a daily basis. The average cost of one patient checkup is about one dollar which also provides him free medicine.

Free Medicine = $10Medical Camp = $700Ambulance Cost = $20,000Medical Centre Cost = $200,000 


Eid Gifts 4 PoorKids




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Feed The Fasting | Ration Package




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Needy Student Help




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Winter Packages




Provide warm clothes, quilts, mattresses and other household items. One might survive summer heat but it is nearly impossible to survive the cold weather nights without proper winter gear.

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Wheelchair Gift




Let them see the world! While we enjoy good healthy life, think of those who cannot even afford Wheel Chair to support their mobility.

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Wedding Packages




Help them get married! Purpose of gifting the wedding sets is to motivate the deserving couples to begin their new lives as soon as possible and to lessen the burden of their parents.

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